New community hub for the community of Guda Guda officially opened

Located 10 kilometres southeast of the Wyndham township, Guda Guda Aboriginal community was established in the late 1970s and acts as home to approximately 54 residents. In September 2017, Nine Mile Aboriginal Corporation – who represent Guda Guda community – approached Community Housing Limited’s (CHL) community development officer to help create a five-year plan outlining the aspirations of community. The first project on the plan was the establishment of a community hub/office, a project that community had been requesting for seven years. Guda Guda had previously been declined a grant to build the office but was then successful in receiving funds from Lottery West to connect power to this office.

Working with CHL, Nine Mile Aboriginal Corporation requested an extension from Lottery West, which was accepted. East Kimberley Job Pathways (EKJP) was then approached to build the office space as an activity for participants to learn skills in the process. The CHL Maintenance Shed was contracted to complete the build and two participants were hired for two weeks to undertake the work. One of the participants is now planning to accept casual work for the CHL Shed as a result of the project.

The project was designed to create a functional community hub for the use of all community members, as a means to increasing community participation. The creation of an office space within the hub will enable directors to establish effective administration systems. Given the corporation is newly established, a functional office will enhance the governance of community, and enable the directors and community members to learn the necessary skills required to govern efficiently.

The office space is also intended to be rented as an office and meeting room, which will produce economic benefits for Guda Guda to continue the development of community.

Furthermore, there are six pre-schoolers at Guda Guda so the space will also be used as an informal playgroup facilitated by the children’s mothers who have used a grant from Lottery West to purchase educational toys and activities. The playgroup is intended to increase the wellbeing of children by providing an opportunity to participate in educationally stimulating activities for enhancing mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

The community hub at Guda Guda – jointly funded by Lottery West, EKJP and CHL – was opened in July 2017.