New NFP Real Estate Agency to Help Homelessness as Street Count Reveals Sydney in Crisis

A not-for-profit real estate agency is set to be established in Sydney in a bid to help increase the supply of affordable rental housing in the inner city, as not for profits are calling for action on homelessness in the wake of the latest street count figures.

Mission Australia, St Vincent de Paul Society NSW and The Salvation Army have responded to the release of the City of Sydney Winter 2017 Street Count figures, saying that more needs to be done to address homelessness within the city.

Meanwhile the City of Sydney announced on Friday that community housing provider Bridge Housing would receive $100,000 to establish a real estate agency that would enable private landlords to support people seeking affordable rental housing.

The Bridge Housing agency will be based on the HomeGround model run by Launch Housing in Melbourne, which manages more than 200 properties.

Bridge Housing CEO John Nicolades said the organisation was always seeking to create more safe affordable housing in Sydney.

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