New Research Finds Many Fear Threat Of Homelessness

The Essential report, commissioned by national housing campaign Everybody’s Home, surveyed 1,022 people last month and found more than two-in-five believed they could become homeless if their circumstances changed.

Everybody’s Home spokesperson, Kate Colvin, told Pro Bono News the research showed homelessness was no longer a “niche issue”.

“This shows it’s in the mainstream, in the sense that a lot more people in the community feel at risk of finding themselves homeless,” Colvin said.

Colvin said she was “worried” by the statistic but thought it would at least make the social sector see the problem as “bigger than [they] realise”.

“I think it will help us make the connection for people between what they might be experiencing in their own life, and the difficulty paying the rent, but then also what happens when people get to that next step of actually experiencing homelessness,” she said.

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Source: Pro Bono Astralia