Nightingale proponents sing same song of urban diversity

Density in established suburbs must be increased to provide sustainable housing for an ageing population and people, like community support workers, who often can’t afford to live in blue-chip areas, local architects and property developers say.

Swanbourne, Cottesloe and Nedlands are some of the areas where architects Garry Baverstock and Meriam Salama, and property developer Don Fini, would like to see inclusive communities that cater to residents from all walks of life.

And the trio are championing a range of environmentally sensitive models that they say will enhance existing building stock.

“Perth has a lot of potential, but we need critical mass in the right areas,” Mr Baverstock said.

“The most sensible path is to follow modern cities and increase density around public transport and commercial zones. Swanbourne is a classic example where local businesses struggle. The density is not there to get the customers. Look at Melbourne, it’s going crazy with vitality. I’d like to see Swanbourne become the Prahran of Perth.”

Mr Baverstock said he was disappointed he had to remove the one-bedroom apartments from the design of his energy-efficient Swanbourne Village Trust project.

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Source: The West Australian