No affordable homes at old public housing sites

None of the new units replacing public housing in Griffith and Narrabundah will be public housing despite the ACT government previously suggesting up to 10 per cent could be.

The government has released plans to sell land for 4080 dwellings by the end of the financial year, earmarking about 13 per cent of them for public, affordable or community housing.

ACT Council of Social Service director Susan Helyar said this would not be enough to help those unable to afford renting or buying a home.

“At least 20 per cent is needed to deal with the failure of the market to deliver housing that is affordable to the 35,000 households in Canberra who live on less than $500 per week before tax,” Ms Helyar said.

University of Sydney housing expert Professor Peter Phibbs said the government should push harder with land release targets to push down housing prices.

Former prime minister Gough Whitlam would “roll over in his grave” at the lack of community housing expected in the new suburb bearing his name, Professor Phibbs said.

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Source: The Canberra Times