No grounds evictions to remain after review of tenancy laws

The NSW government will not abolish “no grounds” evictions as part of its forthcoming package of rental reforms, as it prepares to fight an election where key marginal seats contain large numbers of renters.

Many tenancy and welfare groups wanted laws tightened to remove the power for landlords to evict renters without reason, but it is understood the government has decided against matching Labor’s election promise to end “no grounds” evictions.

Postgraduate student Hanna Torsh said she and her partner, a trainee doctor, struggled to move with three young children after they were served with a no grounds termination in August last year.

Ms Torsh said her young family had lived in the Earlwood property for 4½ years when they complained to the real estate agent that their stove was faulty, and offered to “go halves” with the landlord on a good quality replacement.

“The answer [delivered via email] was our lease had been terminated,” she said.

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