North Fremantle residents say anti-social behaviour at Housing Authority homes has improved

RESIDENTS who lobbied Cottesloe MLA Colin Barnett about anti-social behaviour and crime at Housing Authority homes in North Fremantle now describe an improvement after a clampdown.

“Over the past couple of months things have quietened down quite a bit,” Fremantle councillor Doug Thompson said.

In June, residents cited “recurring” anti-social behaviour and a crime wave that culminated in a 12-hour incident where six children were allegedly present at the homes in Thompson Street.

Police attended in three vehicles, with an ambulance and a paramedic, before a woman and a man were arrested.

However, the incident was allegedly among many in the past that prompted about 10 North Fremantle residents to say they would consider selling or moving from the nearby private homes at an earlier meeting with the Housing Authority.

Last week, Cr Thompson said Mr Barnett was “very helpful”, and had said he would pursue the complaints when residents met with the former premier on July 14.Click

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