North Sydney properties to transfer to Link Housing

Seventy-two North Sydney properties, previously managed by NSW Government, will transfer to Link Housing on March 11 with the aim of improving the support and provision of services made available to people living in social housing.

The transfer of these homes coincides with the 35-year anniversary of Link Housing, which is one of Australia’s oldest not-for-profit community housing providers.

Link Housing manage affordable housing properties throughout Northern Sydney and has forged strong partnerships within the local community including North Sydney Council.

Link Housing CEO Andrew McAnulty acknowledges this significant achievement. “Our partnership with North Sydney Council is one of the strongest and most dynamic of any in NSW. It has grown and matured, and with this transfer it continues to blossom.”

Link Housing was formed in 1984 with just a handful of properties on the Lower North Shore. Today the organisation manages around 4000 homes within Metropolitan Sydney, with the majority in its historic base of Northern Sydney. The transfer on Monday 11 March 2019, brings the number of homes managed on the Lower North Shore to 400.

Social and affordable housing is a critical issue for a growing number of Australians, due to increasing housing stress and cost of living pressures. In the Northern Sydney area, the waiting periods for social housing can be as high as 10 years plus. Link Housing is helping to address housing shortage by reinvesting its surpluses into social and affordable housing.

Link Housing CEO Andrew McAnulty is looking forward to continuing to work closely with North Sydney Council to increase affordable housing and rental stock and ensure that resources are leveraged to provide even more homes for those in need.

Martin Ellis, Director, Community & Library Services at North Sydney Council, said, “We are delighted that Link Housing will take over the management of North Sydney’s community housing properties. We look forward to working together to address the growing issue of affordable housing while helping to ease the burden of housing stress and homelessness within our community.”

Link Housing is a not-for-profit organisation with a charitable mission to provide safe, sustainable and affordable homes to enhance lives and communities. The organisation has been providing community housing for 35 years and has grown three-fold in the past 18 months.

Link Housing will host an official launch event to celebrate the North Sydney Transfer and their 35-year partnership. The event will be attended by executives from North Sydney Council, Link Housing, NSW Government Family and Community Services, as well as community partners and transferring tenants.

Venue: Stanton Library, 234 Miller Street, North Sydney, 206011, 2019
Date: 11 March 2019
Time: 10am – 12.30pm