NSW government is looking for more public-private social housing projects

The NSW government is looking for private investors and non-profit groups to provide housing for the homeless on a $20 million budget, as it continues to partner with the private sector for housing solutions.

Known as “social impact investments”, the government has delivered six such projects since 2013 but none of them were direct housing projects.

It is looking for housing providers or investors to put out a housing program that will keep the homeless in sustained housing at “six, 12 and 24-month intervals” along with improved employment prospects.

It is also interested in preventing repeat homelessness and is looking for a housing solution that solves that problem, an initiative that forms part of the 2018-19 budget’s plans to curb homelessness services over the next four years.

The solution can take any format, even if these homes are combined with private housing for market rental or sales.

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Source: Financial Review