NT Police acted without ‘specific power’ before man at ‘notorious’ public housing complex suffered head injuries, coronial inquest hears.

ONE of the Territory’s most senior police officers has told a coronial inquest that frontline cops were acting beyond their lawful powers when they tried to wake up an old man and ask him to leave a party at the “notorious” Litchfield Court public housing complex in 2016.

Ezra Young, 70, died in hospital almost a fortnight after he fell and hit his head on a brick wall after a police officer woke him and asked him to leave a party he had been drinking at.

At the inquest into his death yesterday, Acting Commissioner Tony Fuller said it was “reasonable” for police to wake Mr Young, but conceded the officers did not have the ”specific power” under the Trespass Act to do so.

“I’d welcome a change to the Trespass Act,” he said.

“If we had have left him there and something had happened to him, we would have been criticised for doing nothing.

“So we’re pretty much damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”

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