Number of older homeless Aussies rising

The number of older Australians who are homeless has grown significantly in the past decade, according to a new report.

One-in-six people who were homeless on the night of the nation’s most recent Census in 2016 were aged 55 or older, about 18,600 in total.

That marks a 49 per cent hike in the number of homeless people in the age group over the past 10 years, an Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report has found, with the figure expected to go up.

“Homelessness is a growing problem for older Australians and will likely continue to increase over time due to an ageing population and declining rates of home ownership among older people,” it said.

The report, which provides a snapshot of the nation’s older population, said the majority of older homeless people are men.

But the number of older women experiencing homelessness has risen by 31 per cent since 2011.

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Source: News