On housing affordability, responsibility sits at the top

Canberra. In recent years even Bill Bryson has come around the perspective it is a great city, and Lonely Planet too rates it among the best places to visit.

On average, a wealthy city, home of the nation’s public service, partly helping to prop up average incomes and house prices, to the benefit of many.

Despite this reputation, many Canberrans are struggling to find a permanent home, particularly those reliant on federal government income support, which continues to be frozen despite years of calls for it to be lifted for the most vulnerable among us.

While Canberra is still one of the most equitable cities in the country as far as income goes, there remain some 35,000-odd residents struggling to make rent and keep the lights on.

Those facing serious risk of homelessness and other dire personal circumstances – often through no fault of their own – are getting some access, if belated, to public housing.

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