‘On the rocks’: The story of Sirius and the fight to save it

Myra Demetriou, the last resident remaining in Tao Gofers’ Sirius, may be 90 years of age and legally blind, but she refuses to be intimidated by a concerted government effort to displace residents of the Brutalist social housing complex and clear the way for its demolition. As she says, “You don’t push this little bunny around.”

Myra’s story, and the story of all of the residents of one of Sydney’s most controversial – and most celebrated – social housing building, forms the heart of a new book on Sirius from three members of the Save Our Sirius foundation.

Released in the wake of the New South Wales government’s decision to once again deny the complex heritage protection, Sirius, created by John Dunn, Ben Peake and Amiera Piscopo, tells “an extraordinary story of survival against the odds.”

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