Opinion divided over plan to shift public housing residents for $45m redevelopment

Residents of 75 public housing units at Nightcliff will be relocated to make way for a $45 million redevelopment, which will include the Labor Government’s long-promised 24-hour police station.

The news was broken to the residents of John Stoke Square, north of Darwin’s CBD, after the pre-budget announcement was made publicly on Tuesday.

Loro Pekaj, who has resided there for 20 years, said maintenance had deteriorated over the past six years and anti-social behaviour was on the rise.

“No, I don’t want to move, but if they want us to move they can move us, they can kick us on the road or whatever,” Mr Pekaj said.

One elderly man also said he believed he had no choice in the matter.

“I wouldn’t like to move,” the man said.

“[I] can’t say much, can’t make them change their mind. I’m disappointed, because it’s a big job to move and I’m happy to stay here.”

Others said they still had not been notified of the move, but welcomed the news.

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