Orana Support Services decision could leave two woman homeless

Two woman say a decision by Orana Support Services (OSS) to try and remove them from rental accommodation will result in them being homeless again.

Clara Cubby and another woman, who doesn’t wish to be identified, say they are being victimised by OSS and have not received an appropriate level of assistance.

The women have been in short-term transitional housing for the last 18 months. They will both face a hearing in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal on September 1, where Compass Housing Services, who manage the property on behalf of OSS, are “seeking to terminate the tenancy at the end of the fixed term”.

Both women had been homeless before being placed into accommodation by OSS and said it had allowed them to turn their lives around.

“I have been homeless since I was 18. I was a foster child. I couch surfed between Bourke and Sydney,” Ms Cubby said.

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