‘People don’t get how hard it is’: Young people on Brisbane’s housing market

WHEN it comes to Aussies struggling to afford their first home, prices in Sydney and Melbourne dominate the debate.

But young people living in Brisbane say the housing market is just as tricky to break into, with one millennial claiming he’s been counting his pennies for years and still can’t get a look-in.

Joshua Manion, 26, moved to Brisbane from the central Queensland town of Mackay when he was a teenager to “stretch his wings”.

He spent years working in hospitality and recently moved to an entrepreneurial role fostering small business growth where he earns a little under $70,000 a year.

Despite his healthy wage and limiting his spending to less than $200 a week, Mr Manion said getting a foothold on Brisbane’s property ladder was impossible — even with $50,000 in the bank.

“Everyone’s realising Brisbane is the next big city in Australia, which means there’s a lot of people from overseas and even Sydney and Melbourne getting into the market; it makes it even harder for us,” he said.

The Queensland Government’s decision to drop the first homebuyer kick-starter grant by $5000 was another “slap in the face”.

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