Pregnant woman among the homeless on cold Auckland streets

Sipping on a cup of hot chocolate, Jess snuggled into a blanket which would be her only source of warmth during one of Auckland’s coldest nights.

“I’m two months pregnant and I’m homeless,” she said.

Jess*, 29, has been living on the streets of Manurewa for months.

She was one of nearly 24,000 homeless people in Auckland, according to Auckland Council.

Jess’s shelter was outside a dairy shop, with blankets she scavenged from a clothing bin to keep her warm. The two others who slept next to Jess had been on the streets much longer.

On June 6, the temperature had dropped down to a cold 8 degrees – one of the coldest nights in Auckland yet.

“It’s feels so much colder,” Jess said.

She continued to tug at her blanket, and pulled on the hood of her onesie to cover her head.

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