Priming the Pump: Access to Capital and Capacity to House New Zealanders

Aotearoa New Zealand is forward thinking as it considers the well-being of its citizens.  An early adoptee to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the Country confirmed its intentions to improve the well-being of all Kiwis. One of the goals is to ‘ensure access for all to adequate, safe and affordable housing and basic services and upgrade slums’. As Aotearoa New Zealand grapples with its housing crisis, Government has introduced and supported efforts to house those who are homeless to those struggling to secure an affordable dwelling.  Government invests in programs like Housing First and Kiwibuild, but there is a clear understanding that government cannot alone solve this crisis across the housing continuum. While lenders, investors and funders are active in supporting these efforts there is a greater need for their resources and long-term engagement.  Jeff Mosley shares his observations and suggest recommendations to help encourage greater private-sector investment in affordable housing, including a set of international financing models to explore.  He also outlines models of multi-sector partnerships that work.  Finally, he will discuss the need to focus on capacity building, helping to ensure the strength and growth of community housing providers to help ensure all Kiwis are well housed.

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