Public houses in Geelong region vacant despite long waiting list

THOUSANDS of Geelong residents are desperately waiting to be placed in public housing while some state owned properties are left vacant “rotting away”.

The region’s support agencies warn Greater Geelong’s public housing capacity is at “crisis point” with 2000 people currently waiting for a home. There are about 4400 social houses in Greater Geelong, however the state government confirmed 49 of those houses are sitting vacant due to a number of reasons including maintenance, eviction or tenant abandonment.

Distressed residents of Swallow Crescent, Norlane say a six-year-old brick house is one of these 49 empty properties.

Residents claim the house, which is currently boarded up and riddled with graffiti, has been vacant for close to two years after the last tenant was evicted about 18 months ago. The state government denies this, stating the property had been vacant since March, 2017.

A distraught Swallow Crescent resident, who declined to be named, said the house had been looted by trespassers, slept in by squatters and as time went on was becoming increasingly trashed.

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