Public housing tensions erupt

A Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) bid to crack down on antisocial behaviour in public housing has coincided with the release of a report finding the Department has failed to provide adequate conflict management training to its staff.

The crack-down will require disruptive tenants to prove they have connected with a support service to assist them manage their behaviour, or earn an immediate strike against their record under the current ‘three strikes’ eviction policy for NSW public housing tenants.

However, the report released by the Auditor-General on August 10, found that FACS is failing to provide staff with the resources necessary to provide comprehensive case management to tenants exhibiting antisocial behaviour, especially those with mental illnesses.

“There are no guidelines, templates or frameworks to assist staff to refer and engage relevant services to support these tenants,” it states.

The report continues “[FACS’] management of minor and moderate antisocial behaviour is poor and there is uneven application of FACS’ antisocial behaviour policy across the State…a more coordinated approach to case managing tenants with complex needs including those requiring mental health services and support [is required].”

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Source: AltMedia