Public housing waitlist skyrockets to 7890, the largest spike in four years

The number of households on the waitlist for public housing has skyrocketed to 7890.

That number – current to the end of March but released on Tuesday – was up 1708 applicants on three months earlier, representing the largest spike in the last four years. It has more than doubled in the last two years.

The average wait time was 64 days for a house – six days longer than in the previous quarter.

A further 1805 households are waiting to be transferred from one state house to another.

The size of the register has steadily grown since June 2015. It is now well over twice as large.

Over 6000 of those applicants were “priority A” – meaning they were in the most urgent need. Well over half were in Auckland, but another source of the spike is Wellington, where the number of applicants almost doubled in the last year to 613.

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