Quarter Of A Century Without A Recession. Shame About The Housing Affordability

Modern Australia faces a heart-breaking paradox. We continued our world record growth streak in May – with 26 recession free years. But many aren’t benefiting from it, writes Andrew Cairns.

At the heart of the problem is housing affordability. Most of the time Australia was racking up record growth, housing affordability was declining.

Our politicians are digging in over corporate tax cuts. If they aimed a little bigger they could solve our country’s housing crisis. Serious tax reforms can put us on the path to a future with more affordable housing – a fairer future for everyone.

But tax reform is hard. Politicians and vested interests make it a fight between rich and poor.

The most frustrating thing is, this fight is a lie. Our tax system can be reformed to benefit all Australians – if we invest in solving the housing crisis, we can all reap rewards of stronger communities, local economies, and healthier, happier people.

Sound like a pipe dream? It’s not.

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Source: NewMatilda