Quarter of people waiting 150 days for public housing. One waited 3103 days

A quarter of eligible households are waiting over 150 days for public housing, with one client waiting a whopping 3103 days.

The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) is adamant the eight-and-half-year case is unique, but the numbers still show many families who are eligible for housing find themselves waiting for months to either get into housing or be transferred from one public house into a suitable home.

The median wait time for eligible families was 64 days at the end of March, but the average was 121.2 days, and the upper quartile was 150.5 days, meaning a quarter of the households were waiting longer than that.

As at the end of April 8108, eligible households were waiting for public housing, with the vast majority in the urgent “A” criteria.

The headline figures are proactively released by MSD, but the more detailed numbers have been provided to Stuff after an Official Information Act request.

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Source: Stuff NZ