Rent hike for public housing tenants while quarter of low-income NT households suffer rental stress

After a marriage breakdown and the diagnosis of a debilitating and incurable disease, Amy Howard found herself in a dire situation.

She was unemployed and unable to work, with two teenage daughters to care for.

“I was living out of my car, one of my girls had to sleep on a friend’s couch, the bills kept piling up, and I couldn’t sleep from the stress,” she said.

“Having the stress that I already had in my life and knowing that I was a single mum again with nothing in the bank — I had no savings, which was not through any fault of my own — I was desperate.

She did not qualify for government housing because her family’s home was in her name, despite her estranged husband living there, not her.

But it would not have mattered much, anyway — there is up to an eight-year waiting list for public housing in the Northern Territory.

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Source: ABC