Renting in Bendigo unaffordable for the most disadvantaged

Bendigo is an unaffordable place to live for single pensioners, single people on Centrelink and single parents working part-time, the latest Rental Affordability Index suggests.

Meanwhile, the head of a local housing service provider says the number of people experiencing or at risk of homelessness is continually growing.

The RAI, prepared by National Shelter, Community Sector Banking and SGS Economics and Planning, shows the 3550 postcode is considered ‘severely unaffordable’ for a single pensioner, meaning up to 60 per cent of their income would go towards rent.

For a single person on benefits, the housing affordability situation is even more dire and is considered ‘extremely unaffordable’, meaning they would have to spend more than 60 per cent of their income on rent.

The RAI does not have information on affordability for these demographics in the 3555 and 3556 postcodes.

For a single parent working part-time or receiving Centrelink, the 3550, 3555 and 3556 postcodes are all unaffordable, with 30 to 38 per cent of their income spent on rent.

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