Rotorua Homeless Head Count will help inform discussion

Organisations around Rotorua have banded together to try and get a clear picture of homelessness in the city – and what can be done about it.

The Rotorua Homeless Head Count took place on Monday. Volunteers from community groups slept in parks, cars and other public places to find out how many people are living without housing in the city.

The count was co-ordinated by the Rotorua Homelessness Governance Group which is made up of key organisations such as Lifewise, Housing NZ and LinkPeople.

It was completed as part of the Rotorua Homeless Action Plan launched in 2015.

A key step to implementing the plan was understanding the size of the problem and the resources needed to support people into housing.

During the count volunteers recorded how many homeless people were found, along with their demographic details, providing a snapshot of those sleeping rough on one evening. The information will be used to write a report on rough sleeping in Rotorua.

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