Rough sleepers in Sydney’s Wentworth Park kicked out by NSW Government authorities

AUTHORITIES have removed the homeless camp in Sydney’s Wentworth Park.

Officers from the State Government’s Family and Community Services (FACS) today took down more than two dozen tents erected under the arches of the light rail viaduct in Glebe and asked the rough sleepers to move on.

A spokesman for the homeless, Lanz Priestley, who was one of the organisers of the Martin Place homeless camp that went up in the CBD earlier this year, said some homeless people accepted offers of temporary housing.

Mr Priestley said others had been told there were vacancies for people at a number of homeless shelters around the city.

“I’m trying to get shelter tonight for nine guys from Wentworth Park,” he said.

“Three of them will be going on the ferry over to Manly to stay in a house that someone has lent us for a couple of weeks.”

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