Shelter Tasmania reveals budget wish list

Some Tasmanians pay up to 65 per cent of their income on rent, Shelter Tasmania says.

Executive officer Pattie Chugg said the chronic shortage of affordable housing was forcing low income households to choose between food, heating or keeping their home.

She said budget priorities included increasing the targets for building affordable public and community housing to reduce the waiting list of more than 3,600 households and to assist the 8,000 low-income households living in private rental stress.

In its budget submission Shelter outlined 11 solutions to “help address and avert our growing housing divide.”

“The $60 million stamp duty windfall from the booming property market must be invested in new social housing and homelessness initiatives to help keep up with increasing housing stress and homelessness,” Ms Chugg said.

“The severe lack of affordable housing means that many low income Tasmanians struggle to find a foothold in the housing market and live in severe housing stress paying up to 65% of their income on rent.

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