Sirius backers’ bid to save iconic building

About 200 supporters of the iconic Sirius building gathered in its courtyard on January 27 to farewell the last remaining resident of the public housing block, 91-year-old Myra Demetriou who had lived in the building since 2008.

The Coalition state government decided in 2014 to sell Sirius as part of its program to sell off all the public housing properties in the Millers Point and Rocks inner-city areas.

Shaun Carter, chairperson of the Save Our Sirius Foundation, introduced Demetriou as “the face of our campaign, the voice of our campaign”.

Architects have joined with community activists in demanding the government preserve Sirius, which was built in the late 1970s to house low-income residents in the aftermath of the NSW Builders Labourers Federation Green Bans campaign which saved large parts of Sydney’s urban heritage.

The former residents of Sirius, mostly elderly and infirm, have been gradually removed from the building, and relocated to other public housing areas. Like the residents of nearby Millers Point, they have been evicted, their community broken up, and they have been forced to live in suburbs away from their friends and family.

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