Sirius, not stadiums, needs a sporting chance

Pru Goward claims the sale of the Sirius building for an anticipated $100 million will enable the state government to build “a lot more social housing” (“Brutal fate: Sirius goes on the market for development”, December 7). But there’s already a couple of billion lying around in the coffers, apparently – it’s just that this government prioritises unnecessary sporting stadiums over the very real need to address homelessness and housing affordability for the state’s vulnerable and disadvantaged. But then, social justice has never been a priority for Liberal governments at any level, so Goward’s lame justification for the Sirius sale shouldn’t surprise.

I find it astounding that the Minister for Social Housing, Pru Goward, can stand in front of the Sirius building and tell us that through the proceeds of the sale of this iconic building, “a lot more social housing” can be built.

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