Social Enterprise Announces $500,000 Funding for Social and Affordable Housing

Homes for Homes (HFH) is an initiative of The Big Issue, established to create a new and sustainable funding stream for social and affordable housing in Australia.

The organisation raises funds through donations from property sales, with homeowners and property stakeholders voluntarily registering with HFH and agreeing to donate 0.1 per cent of their property’s sale price to the initiative.

This legal mechanism remains binding on registered property titles, ensuring donations are collected each time the property is sold.

On Monday, HFH released $300,000 of funding in Victoria and $200,000 of funding in the ACT, which HFH CEO Steven Persson said was a significant milestone for the social enterprise.

“With initial support for Homes for Homes far exceeding our expectations, we are delighted to release the first funds ahead of schedule,” Persson said.

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