Social housing: experiences of homelessness

In 2016, more than 1 in 10 (11%) social housing tenants had experienced homelessness in the 5 years prior to the survey.

This In Focus report presents, for the first time, detailed information on the characteristics and circumstances of tenants
who had experienced homelessness at least once in the 5 years prior to the survey.

Of particular interest is how tenants who had experienced homelessness differ from tenants who had not experienced homelessness especially in relation to:
• satisfaction with their housing provider
• proximity to facilities and services such as child-care and
education facilities
• use of community and support services
• self-reported benefits of living in social housing.

This information is drawn from additional analysis of the National Social Housing Survey 2016. Tenants who have recently experienced homelessness have been chosen as a population of special interest because different tenants and households respond very differently to certain aspects of the survey.

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