Social housing is being driven by profit. Tenants must fight back

Housing associations have preserved an image of being more socially responsible than private landlords or local authorities. In fact, their drive to become more commercial and the way they treat tenants means they are often little better.

In response, housing association residents are getting organised to defend our rights. Our campaign group, Peabody Family Voice, launched in January after a consultation meeting organised by Peabody in late November left us angry. We are opposing the amalgamation of Peabody and Family Mosaic, two of London’s largest housing associations. The two organisations merged in 2017, but full amalgamation, which has yet to be approved by the Peabody board, would mean all Family Mosaic tenants becoming Peabody tenants.

The provision of social housing in London is at crisis point; many Londoners face increasing rents and deteriorating living conditions. There are 2m households in England renting from social landlords (pdf) and many experience neglect and poor services: research by Shelter published in January found that 48% of families in social housing who reported issues about poor or unsafe conditions felt ignored or were refused help.

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