South Auckland mother-of-three Sanjida Pathan shares her family’s housing journey

Sanjida Pathan knows what it’s like to struggle to find somewhere to live.

The south Auckland mum and her three children aged 8, 17, and 19 have lived in a private rental property, a state house, and were once homeless.

They’re now a partner family with the charity Habitat for Humanity, which helps people to buy their own home.

Pathan, 36, has a degree in social work and biculturalism and lives with her children in Māngere East.

The family lived in a private rental house in the suburb from 2009-2011 but had to move out when the landlord sold it.

She was paying about $350 a week for the four-bedroom home.

“It was easier back then. Rents were still relatively manageable,” Pathan says.

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