South Melbourne squatters bed down in protest, refuse to budge

A RAGTAG bunch of squatters have claimed a sought-after public housing property in South Melbourne and are refusing to move out.

The group — who say they are a “bunch of women and gender-diverse people” — are refusing to move out of the two-storey terrace in the swanky suburb.

The Department of Health and Human Services issued demands that they vacate the property last week.

The squatters released a statement on social media ­saying they would not leave in protest at “the government’s harsh treatment of squatters”.

One squatter, Nita Habibi, said the government was kicking them out without giving them time to pack their bags.

“Squatters should be given the same amount of time as tenants to find alternative ­accommodation. Basic consideration shouldn’t only be ­reserved for those who can ­afford it,” she said.

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