Spare rooms can temporarily house the homeless

Denise Hunter, is enabling generous homeowners to give back to their community by setting up a national register of householders who can provide short-term accommodation to women and children escaping violence.

Safe Haven is trying to fill the gap between the short-term housing needed and the housing that is currently available for women and children at risk of family violence.

According to Homelessness Australia, 423 people are turned away from homelessness services every day.

While additional funding has been directed to domestic violence housing and support initiatives – Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced the $100 million Women’s Safety Package in 2015 – the sector remains critically underfunded.

Hunter believes the shared housing register will give people a third option when looking at short-term accommodation and can provide additional benefits to that of a motel or refuge.

“Private homes can be more nurturing and more humane and we can still link them to support networks,” says Safe Haven Founder, Denise Hunter.

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