State government meets its Waterloo

The City of Sydney Council issued a grant of almost $50,000 to the Waterloo Public Housing Action Group (WPHAG), to support them in their attempts to promote a community-led proposal on the future of the condemned Waterloo estate.

Councillor Linda Scott moved the recommendation to fund the community group, which was endorsed by the City of Sydney Council. “The community needs to have a voice in the contentious redevelopment process of the Waterloo public housing estate being undertaken by the Liberal NSW state government,” she said. “This grant will assist in that process.

“I have long been a staunch supporter of the diverse community at Waterloo, and I’m so pleased to see them coming together to plan their own future, with the support of volunteer professionals.”

In December 2015, the NSW Government announced a multi-billion dollar development proposal to demolish and rebuild the Waterloo public housing estate, including the construction of an underground railway station on the new Metro Line.

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