Stoush over Melbourne public housing set to take a fresh turn

Labor will attempt to turn the tables on the Liberals and Greens over public housing after reworking plans for apartments that were blocked in Parliament by the two parties.

A mutual loathing of Labor from the state Opposition and the Greens saw the parties unite last year to overturn the government’s plans to rebuild the Markham public housing estate in Ashburton, in Melbourne’s south-east.

Since then, Labor has reworked the plans, putting its opponents under pressure to change their stance on the proposal.

Labor’s revised plan would see land in the suburb that once housed a dilapidated estate used to deliver more dwellings and lower building heights than was originally promised.

The new plans will also include affordable apartments for first homebuyers.

The 62 new social housing units that would have been built on the vacant, publicly owned site were to be funded by selling off public land for more than 120 private apartments.

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