Street art festival shines light on Brisbane talent, gives back to homeless

Abstract murals, supersized portraits and vibrant panoramas are popping up around Brisbane amid preparations for a festival celebrating the city’s street art talent.

The West End Street Art Festival has seen several buildings transformed with huge murals by local artists, from those just starting out to international names like Sofles.

Organisers Ihab Imam and Jenna Williams said the festival was a celebration of the melting pot of culture that typifies the suburb.

“West End is a real hub of subcultural activities musically, artistically, poetically, politically,” Mr Imam said.

He said the plethora of spaces to paint in West End was a way to bring the work of Brisbane’s street artists, both emerging and established, together.

Ms Williams said the festival was also a chance to provide paid opportunities for emerging artists and highlight the link between street art and homelessness.

She and Mr Imam are aiming to raise $10,000 for Orange Sky Laundry, a charity providing assistance to homeless people across the country.

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