Sydney tent city moves but vows fight on

A homeless camp in Martin Place which triggered a political stand-off between the city council and the NSW government has been voluntarily disassembled after six months.

The man dubbed the “Mayor of Martin Place”, Lanz Priestley, helped the last stragglers pack their tents under the watchful eyes of police as the final rays of sunlight hit the pavement outside the Reserve Bank building which had been home to at least 70 homeless people.

But Mr Priestley told AAP the dispersion of the camp wouldn’t be the end of the homeless community and he stood by calls for the government to help formulate a long-term solution.

“We’ll have something else set up and running sustainably within a month,” he said.

Legislation passed NSW parliament on Thursday empowering police to tear down the tents if it was deemed there was a “public safety issue”.

Mr Priestley said, the camp decided to move on to avoid any ugly confrontation.

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