Sydney’s tent city: One year on, where are they now?

Dan Wichitakul and Adam Dyson* both called ‘tent city’ home for a large part of 2017.

The controversial homeless encampment occupied Sydney’s Martin Place for much of the year, but 12 months after its residents were forced to leave, their stories couldn’t be more different.

Dan, 46, was one of many homeless people from the settlement who was offered and accepted social housing. Speaking to SBS News at his apartment in Stanmore, in Sydney’s Inner West, he spoke fondly of the nine months he spent there.

“Tent city was a community. There was laughter, joy, tears and talk. It was like a family,” he said.

“Most of the public were very kind. They would stop by and talk. I’d say about 90 per cent of the public were very nice.”

Dan, who worked as a cook in tent city’s makeshift kitchen, now does casual chef work.

He said the camp made homelessness much more visible to the public and the state government was “snapped into doing something” about it.

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Source: SBS