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Wellington council passes affordable housing plan

September 21, 2017 0

Wellington City Council has voted unanimously to give the green light to a revamp of the city’s housing policy. The council’s city strategy committee voted this morning to adopt the recommendations of the Mayor’s Taskforce […]

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Housing unaffordability is everyone’s problem!

September 16, 2017 0

I just read an article in The Gold Coast Bulletin, ‘Mums, kids sleeping in garage, car’, and read the comments below the article before they got fire-walled off. I was surprised to find one trollish […]

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Can Co-Living Help Solve Housing Affordability?

September 10, 2017 0

In the same way Uber revolutionised the taxi industry, AirBnb short-term accommodation and WeWork transformed the traditional office – a spate of so-called “co-living” companies have sprung up around the world with the intention of […]

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A housing plan for New Zealand

September 9, 2017 0

How does New Zealand get out of the housing hole it’s bought and sold itself into? Property and construction professional James Goodhue has a comprehensive plan. Decent housing is a basic human right. Affordable housing […]