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Domestic violence rent support program expanded

August 10, 2017 0

A $25 million rent support program to help people escape domestic and family violence will be available to those on “moderate” incomes for the first time, the NSW government has announced. The Rent Choice Start […]

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Branches unite to address youth homelessness

August 9, 2017 0

Every night there are more than 26,000 youth aged 12-25 homeless in Australia either sleeping rough on the street, or couch surfing – the most common form of Australian youth homelessness. To address this issue […]

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Social housing done on the cheap is a combustible issue

August 4, 2017 0

Flammable, inflammable. It’s one of those weird English instances of the word and its inverse meaning the same. Following London’s Grenfell inferno, the NSW government promises to audit all buildings and require owners to replace […]