Temple View’s Church College buildings are coming down to make way for housing

It used to be the heart of Waikato’s Church College, but now it’s making way for a housing project.

When the college was at Temple View, on the edge of Hamilton, the David O McKay building had many functions: cafe, student centre, sports complex.

But the school closed in 2009, many of its other buildings have gone, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has approval for a new use of the land.

It plans to fill the site with houses – about 200, but numbers will depend on the mix of retirement and general housing. And it won’t be limited to Mormons.

“We may not see this fully developed for, who knows, 20 years, depending on what the interest is,” Temple View project director Paul Coward said.

“[It’s] market-driven. We’re not going to build the whole place out and then say, buy it.”

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