Tent City: Stories of survival behind Sydney’s most high-profile homeless community

Sammy Migenta had slept in his car for 25 years when he faced a heartbreaking choice: secure his children’s future or keep his “house”.

“I had to make a decision, help the kids or keep living in the car,” he said.

“So I sent the money that I had for rego to my kids so they had food. So they could go to school.”

That was in 2014, but the 65-year-old is still dealing with the aftermath today.

He moved into Tent City — the name given to the makeshift camp at Martin Place where dozens of Sydney’s homeless sleep — in December last year.

Last week, he was given state housing in Maroubra, and while Sammy is grateful for a roof over his head for the first time since 1990, it’s been a big change.

“If I knew what I know now, I wouldn’t have taken it,” he said.

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