‘The block that took my mum’s life’: Why kids today need better than this

ANA was five years old when she and her mother moved to the 14th floor of a notorious housing commission block known as “suicide towers”.

Her mum kept the two of them afloat: working through the night, saving for new furniture and pushing her daughter to succeed at school.

But gradually, life dragged her down. When Ana was just 12, she woke up to hear someone had jumped. It was her mother.

“I will never forget the size of these towers,” says Ana, now a solicitor in her 40s. “When we entered the elevator to go to our flat, it seemed like I was going to the moon.

“We entered an echo chamber. Back then, the floors were polished tiles. When you spoke loudly, your voice echoed throughout. Despite the drabness, the flat was clean.

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