The future of NZ housing is prefabs, and 180,000 ‘tiny’ homes

To make the government’s Kiwibuild plan work, New Zealand will have to embrace factory-made homes that can be trucked in pieces to building sites and erected in a matter of days.

On Thursday, Prefab NZ, an industry association of housing prefabricators, will release a report into the industry’s capacity to turn out houses for Kiwibuild.

It will also launch a nationwide competition seeking a design for a tiny one to two bedroom house plan that could be “pre-consented” by Auckland Council, and any other councils wishing to follow suit, which homeowners with big enough gardens could simply parachute onto their land.

The tiny house would be called “The Snug”, said Pamela Bell, Prefab NZ’s chief executive.

Bell would not share the report’s detailed conclusions, but said for prefabrication to achieve scale under Kiwibuild, the government would have to look at measures to give prefab companies the confidence to invest.

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