The ‘hidden’ homelessness in some of Sydney’s wealthiest suburbs

The electorate of Wentworth is notorious for its abundance of harbourside mansions, but amidst the mansions, luxury cars and yachts, there is desperation.

Recently, a social services organisation was shocked when an 82-year-old woman turned up on their doorstep.

The women’s daytime refuge, Lou’s Place, helped care for her and find her somewhere to live.

“She’d been sleeping in her car for about a week,” said the general manager of Lou’s Place, Nicole Yade.

“She had grown up in the eastern suburbs her whole life, and had lived with her husband in private rental accommodation.

“When he passed away, relatively quickly she ran out of savings, and she was unable to afford to stay in the accommodation she was in.

Social services groups say often the homelessness in the electorate is hidden.

Lou’s Place is just outside Wentworth, in Kings Cross, but Ms Yade says it regularly sees women from the wealthy electorate.

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Source: ABC