The Nation: Housing New Zealand CEO Andrew McKenzie

On Newshub Nation: Lisa Owen interviews Housing New Zealand CEO Andrew McKenzie

  • Andrew McKenzie denies Housing New Zealand had a cultural problem. “As an organisation, we were placing emphasis on different things. If you’re a landlord, you think of those things that you’ve got to get a balance…you’re looking after a home, you’re making sure the tenants are safe and healthy, you’re looking after their well-being, you’re complying with the legislation.”
  • He says the culture within Housing New Zealand is already changing. “All big organisations will occasionally have pieces of the organisation, whether processes or people, who will let them down. But I can tell you very, very clearly that the organisation’s modus operandi, the policies we work to, the processes we work to, are all being changed to align with keeping people in homes.”
  • He estimates 1200 to 1500 of the tenants evicted from Housing New Zealand homes under its zero tolerance methamphetamine policy were children. 

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Source: Scoop NZ