The nightmare of Housing NZ’s sustainable tenancies

Three years living in a street with a problem Housing NZ tenant has left a reader questioning just who HNZ’s ‘sustainable tenancies’ – are sustainable for?

I live in small town suburban Motueka.

It used to be a quiet, peaceful street when we moved in more than a decade ago.

Our street has a mixture of privately-owned homes and Housing NZ ones but none of this was of much consequence – until Housing NZ moved in a new tenant three years ago.

In those three years I’ve learnt more about child neglect and abuse, violent communication, toxic relationships, protection orders, noise control and what a tinny house in action looks like than I ever knew before.

I’ve seen first-hand how the law comes down hard in favour of the woman, even when she’s by far the more abusive parent and partner.

I’ve made more calls to the police than ever before in my life and I’ve learnt that when you communicate your very real concerns about vulnerable children to Oranga Tamariki (The Ministry for Children), you can expect silence in return.

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Source: Stuff NZ